Let's Rock the Greens Together! Let's Rock the Greens Together!

Rock The Greens Hub is a Strategic Partnership project in the field of Vocational Education and Training funded with the support of Erasmus+.

Bringing together partners from both the VET environment and the Hospitality sector from seven countries, the project aims at addressing the new plantbased demand in professional catering.

Our project comes within the scope of the vegetarian and vegan boomingniche market in most European countries. Our goal is to guarantee that theseparticular guests are treated with a food offer at the level required in professional catering.


French, Hungarian, Italian, Estonian, Spanish, Polish and Turkish partners have worked on the creation of a learning unit framework in view of ECVET, broken down into versatile e-learning modules to be introduced in mainstream VET pathways.


This output is supported by a training of trainers and business mentors scheme. 80 VET beneficiaries will be involved in the piloting of the learning units and 14 of them will fully experiment the ECVET system for adevelopment beyond the project time lapse.

Moreover, the partnership wishes to develop a network of businesses, conventional and vegetarian restaurants, which will be awarded the RTGH label for their commitment to offer traineeships and to develop a customer approach to vegetarianism.

A first pioneering group of 18 European businesses will experiment the labeling process with a prospect to develop the network in the short and longer terms.

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The Rock The Greens learning units framework in view of ECVET

The e-learning modules for hospitality schools and hospitality businesses

Guidelines for trainers and work experience mentors

Rock the Greens Hub: labelling process and quality charter Discussion

the Curriculum

Available in all languages

the Guidelines

for the use of the toolkit

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Introducing plant-based menu items really makes sense; if your restaurant strives to meet the growing demand for vegetarian-vegan alternatives, you will definitely cater to a wider market. RTGH partnership - and particularly its label - is here to support you in addressing this growing demand from a clientele which includes the growing trend of flexitarians.

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